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Windsor Tribune - Windsor, Colorado
Letter to the Editor
By Tami Bothwell
November 4, 2005
Dear Mr. Fasano,
I just wanted to let you know that I felt your article in Sunday's Windsor Tribune ("Sexuality program promotes waiting", October 30, 2005) was very one-sided.
First of all, in your "Learn More" subheading, I feel you should have included additional websites to direct your readers to sites that contain CORRECT statistical information regarding the failure rates of abstinence-only programs, not just the WAIT website which is basically a sales-pitch for their sub-standard product. Parents need to make an informed, educated decision on this important topic.
Secondly, you stated that the "opponents of WAIT Training say it ostracizes students of parents who are living together/and or are gay". This sounds as if that is the only reason we are opposed to the program. Once again, reference to the fact of the inaccuracies in the program were left out.
I have included some websites that you and your readers may find helpful; click on "How the $ is Spent" button for chart that compares Abstinence-only-until-marriage programs and Comprehensive Sexuality Education U.S. House of Representatives Report "The Content of Federally Funded Abstinence-Only Education Programs" aka "The Waxman Report" Data and trends - national and local
I try to avoid any .com websites as they are usually a corporation trying to sway a reader's thinking to "make a buck". Hmmmm, isn't the WAIT website .com?! Interesting....
Tami Bothwell   your donations are greatly appreciated